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Toronto's Elmwood Spa Review

There really is nothing quite like having some time to yourself or with friends at a spa where you can be pampered to the nines.  Today I'm talking about some of my favourite services at Elmwood Spa in Toronto- located in the heart of downtown on Elm St. It takes two glances to realize that there's a spa situated there, but once inside you would never know the hustle and bustle that awaits for you outside their large iron doors.

As I'll be visiting later this week, I figured that I would write about some of the services that I've had and my thoughts about them. Keep reading below to see what I recommend.

Elmwood Spa Toronto
Photo property of Elmwood Spa

To start the place is designed so well... multiple floors, each with their own designated area. You have the option to use the water therapies at Elmwood Spa which is a combination of a pool, sauna and hot tub. There's one on the third floor which is unisex, or there's a sauna and hot tub right in the change room if you wish for more privacy. Make sure you bring your bathing suit and have enough time before or after your services to enjoy the services! After finishing off your water therapy of choice, you can rinse off and use their shampoos, lotions and conditioners... all Moroccan Oil products no less. Even in the change rooms they have straighteners, curlers and blow dryers as well as multiple lotions and potions (unscented!) for you to use before you leave.


 This is the fanciest pedicure that I've ever received! The attention to detail was fantastic and I've never had such a long lasting pedicure- it lasted 5 weeks and it would have lasted longer if it wasn't for the grow out.  The chairs were super comfy (VIP style) and they had a wide range of CND nailpolish colours. Although much more expensive than a regular pedicure that you can get on any street corner, this one was nice to have as a treat every once in a while. 


Girlz and boyz, I'm all about a DIY facial at home, but nothing beats a professional one! I've had two facials and one mini facial and have had a wide range of results. My first facial was incredible; I was incredibly relaxed, the esthetician explained to me what she was doing and the products that were being used, and while I had some masks sitting on my face she massaged me after inquiring if I wanted a foot, hand or scalp massage. Major heart eyes.

My second facial was ok... the rep didn't tell me what she was doing to my skin and there were no massages. womp womp

The third facial was where it gets interesting. To start; it was a mini-facial, so only 30 mins long but not as thorough and they don't perform any extractions. However, I was getting my eyebrows tinted by the same rep, so while waiting for the eyebrow dye to sit, she did some extractions and I swear she was digging for gold in there because she went on an extraction frenzy.

Now, I don't mind extractions and a little bit of pain, but when I had tears streaming down my face, that's a bit intense. She didn't use the extractor tools, rather just her fingers and in hindsight I should have asked her to stop but I figured the same as many people figured.. she's the professional so she knows what she's doing.

My skin took a week to calm down from the inflammations sooooo I wasn't happy. However she was the first of the three estheticians to tell me that I had combination dehydrated and oily skin, not dry and dehydrated like I originally thought. As a result I changed up my skin care routine adding in a clay cleanser for oily skin and a toner and I definitely see positive results. If you're interested in seeing my original review about the clay cleanser/mask and toner, check out this post.

RMT Massage

This ladies and gents is where it gets good! A nice massage to relax your body and muscles... yes it feels ah-mazing but it's also great for your mental health (an hour of relaxation!); who can say no to that? If you're presented the option to use the royal room (only 4 of them in the spa) - Do it! It was $5 extra and it's like you're in a ski resort, all cuddled up inside by the fire while there's a snow storm outside.... there's a slight wood scent and they have a faux fire place too to make it feel very cozy and calming.

Something to note as well is that they have a loyalty program, go there four times in a year and you're a part of it- it's that easy! Perks of it include 10% off of all services as well as a coupon book and some goodies that you receive in the mail. Four times at Elmwood spa in one year? Yes please

What are your thoughts about Elmwood Spa? Have you been there before, what other spas are your favourites to frequent? Let me know in the comments below!


Summer Beauty Essentials

Hi friends, thanks for coming to my blog! Now that we're in the middle end of summer and the weather has done a 180 compared to 6 months ago, we have to change our makeup hair and skincare to better suit the weather at hand.

Keep reading below for some things that you can change in your routine to better suit the weather.

EDIT- I feel so stupid writing about this in August and while Toronto has had zero sun and has been having nothing but rain, but alas. It is here and this is a learning lesson for me.

You knew that this was gonna pop up here- you can't talk about summer without SPF being mentioned. Now it's one thing to talk about it and another thing to actually use it. The one pictured here is one that I bought in Germany and haven't used up yet (as I had other sunscreens to use first) and it does what it says it will (stop me from burning to a crisp). I'm not a person who breaks out because of sunscreen, nor have I ever seen this 'white cast' that everyone talks about (white people problems), so any sunscreen works for me. However, if you have darker skin or think that regular sunscreen is too oily for your liking, I've heard that the Glossier Invisible Shield SPF is amazing as it's almost like a moisturizer or serum. Although I'm super interested in trying this one out, 1- it's always sold out, and 2- it's only SPF 35. #white

In order to make sure that you makeup doesn't slide of your face.. primer is needed. TBH with you, I 
don't use primer as I don't use foundation, however, if you're one of those people who sweats profusely on your face, it's totally worth it to have a great primer to help fill in your pores and fine lines while keeping your makeup on your skin, especially for long humid days.

BB cream
During the hot and sticky summer months, swap out your foundation for BB/CC cream which has coverage but feels much lighter on your skin is a great way to . It won't melt off like foundation will and you can find so many that provide SPF coverage. One of my favourites is the Aveeno BB Cream with SPF 30. Unfortunately, the lightest colour is still too dark for my skin in the summer so I'll switch between using that one or mixing SPF with my Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream. From my understanding you used to be able to buy it with SPF, but now it's formulated without. What a shame.

Waterproof Mascara 
This will help to counteract all of the sweat that's pouring down your face (as well as any impromptu water fights or pool parties.) Now, I'm not a person who puts mascara on the bottom of their eyelashes as I find that it smudges too much, however a waterproof variation might help out with that. The one pictured above is the 

As I know that you're being diligent with your SPF (good job young grasshopper!) your skin might not have as much colour as you'd like. This is when bronzer comes into play. Now- I sometimes wear bronzer... but not often. I find that powdered bronzer makes me look really dull and powdery, maybe I just haven't tried out enough. However if you are all about that glow life, there are some really great drugstore and high end versions that will make you seem as if you just came off a plan from the South of France (but were actually binge watching Netflix all day long).

Setting Sprays
This is pretty much the same thing as setting sprays, however this can take a much broader range... something like rosewater mists or some of the Pixi mists can be used during the day to freshen up your makeup. Just spray it over your face and it'll help to give your makeup more life. Also, it feels incredible on your skin... I have dry skin that tends to feel a bit drier as the day passes by, so having a few sprays of this feels amazing. I can imagine that it'll feel incredible when it's super hot outside and you have the effects of the sun, heat, air conditioning, and sweat taking a toll on your skin. 

Do you guys have any suggestions for skin/makeup recommendations while it's 30+ degrees in the summer? Let me know in the comments below!

Thanks for popping by!


What to do in Toronto this Summer

Hello my beautiful friends, thanks for coming to my blog!

Today, I'm talking about what you can do in Toronto this summer; places to go, things to do, and ways to enjoy the sunshine while we get it for a few months (if we ever get it... eye roll). Below are some options for things to do that fit a variety of budgets and interests.

Situated on the East side of the city, this beach has it all- a bike path, some places to eat, tons of clean sand, volleyball nets, and an outdoor pool (if swimming in Lake Ontario isn't your cup of tea). This is a place to grab a bunch of friends, pack up the cooler and head on down. Make sure to pack your SPF and lots of iced water though! There are always ice cream trucks around to grab a sweet cone to cool off with.

Last I heard, Centre Island will be opening up later this month after insane flooding, so be prepared to face some crowds. You can rent bikes, go to the beach, play volleyball, make a bbq, take the kids to centre ville and go on some rides. It's its own oasis that's a quick ferry ride away. 

I've gone to this only once before and I'm excited to go back! They have it about 6 nights a week and they have two different Shakespeare plays that they rotate between every night. It's pay what you can (recommended amount of $20) and WOW is it good. The play takes place outside so it's a great relaxed atmosphere as the sun sets while you're watching it. With it lasting all summer long (and almost every day) there really is no excuse to not see at least one play. Note- as the summer passes by it gets busier and busier so make sure to carve out some time for it instead of brushing it off and doing it another week.

Recommendations- Get there early and bring your cards and friends to hang out and chat with. As you'll be sitting on the grass, bring pillows and blankets so that it's more comfortable for you. Note, you can't drink alcohol but also note, they don't check what's in your steel water bottles. #justsaying

Music Festivals

With so many options for music festivals within the Toronto core, as well as a number of them in near by cities/towns and way more if you start looking into other provinces and down south in America, it's easy to find something that fits what you're looking for. You have one day options, camping options, electronic, country and pop festivals so it's impossible not to find one that fits your forte. Just pray that the weather is good and dress accordingly! Check out my Summer Music Festival Essentials post to see what you need to bring with you!

Picnics with your friends

High Park during Cherry Blossom Season

This is one of the cheaper options for the summer. Grab some buds, some food and some drinks, a blanket and you're good! Some parks to hit up include; High Park, Queens Park, Marie Curtis Park, Trinity Bellwoods and Woodbine beach. Whatever's closest to your neighbourhood- there are also tons of smaller parkettes that you can also grab a seat in. 

Lots of rain= my face during this picture

Wonderland used to be the BOMB when I was younger! I remember being in middle school and buying a season's pass and going with my friends on the regular.... Going on a weekday makes it so much more enjoyable as the lines are much smaller so you can squeeze in as many rides as possible. There's also a waterpark however I was never a big fan of it as I never wanted to pay for a locker (#studentbudget) and thus had to lug around a towel and extra clothes. I also remember the lines for the water slides being very long for a very short ride that was meh. I'm more of a thrill seeker, so hit me up with Drop Zone, Leviathan and Behemoth. 

GURLLLZZ (and boyz) I'm so excited for this! There are so many options with the one that I'm most looking forward to is the Thompson Hotel one. I've done yoga here and there but I do want to start practicing it on a regular basis. I find that my muscles are quite tight and that it does zen me out when I do it. Personally I do Body Flow at Goodlife which is a combo of tai chi, pilates, yoga and meditation all wrapped up into one hour. The idea of doing yoga outside seems so relaxing, one with nature and all that jazz. The above linked website will take you to svveat... a Toronto based website that focuses on free workouts around the city. There are so many options that I never knew existed until I found this website! 

Nothing says the end of summer like going to the Ex! (Cue the song.. let's go to Ex, oh baby!) You can go with a bunch of your friends and try out the artery clogging fried food, the incredibly expensive rides (added fear factor... you don't know if the ride will break or not), and you can also try your hand at gambling at the casino. If you're a student on summer holidays, the Exhibition is a great way to get a job before school starts.

Kensington Market Pedestrian Sundays

On the last Sunday of every month, the roads are closed off from cars and motorists and you can freely walk around and hang about this part of town. I never really went to Kensington Market however there are so many good spots to eat and shop at; Wanda's Pie in the SkyBunners (a gluten free, vegan bakery!), tons of independent coffee shops and little stores to jump in. They also have a Deciem store and great art work and graffiti to admire. This part of town is quirky in it's own little way so I'd recommend for you to grab a stroll with a friend.

What are some other things that you're excited to do this summer? Even though it's wrapping up, there's lots that you can still squeeze in before fall kicks in.

Thanks for stopping by!


What to buy at Aritzia's Summer Sale

Hi everyone; I know what you might be thinking- I'm getting confused because everyone is talking about what to pick up at the Nordstrom sale, butttt Aritzia is also having a sale and here are some goodies that I'm planning on picking up!

With interiors like these, who could ever go wrong with stepping into Aritzia?
One of my favorite dresses (it's literally the dress that I wear in half of my insta pics.... so sue me) is a gray jersey dress by Wilfred Free. Stretchy, comfortable, not too short, breathable... it's my go to dress. It works with blazers, sandals, sneakers, flats... you name it, it works.

Disclaimer- it might seem as if I only wear the dress with my denim shirt tied at the waist.... to which I respond that I totally do lol. It looks cute and the whole Canadian Tuxedo thing, ya know?

Check it out below in the yellow... I'm thinking about getting it in the blue? Although I don't own a black dress... and the millennial pink version isn't too bad.... #decisionsdecisions  

Wilfred Free Chrissy $29.99

This is another dress that I picked up last night in light pink, the colour is great and works super well for spring, especially because my wardrobe mainly consists of neutrals. I love how the lower back is open (lets your back breathe with the hot and humid days that we haven't been getting ~eye roll emoji~) but you can cover it up with a blazer or shirt (potentially a denim one tied at the waist??). The little scoop on the bottom is also oh so cute but take warning- the dress is more on the sheer side so you better do a triple take of your under goodies to make sure that no colours are popping out!

Wilfred Free Seymour $50

I find that Aritzia is a great place for classic pieces, especially ones for work. Their blazers are top notch and sometimes Aritzia can get pricey but sale time is when to stock up on some stuff. See below for other pieces that I'm loving!

Wilfred Arbre Short $75

Wilfred Montagne Skirt $74.99

This skirt and these shorts are perfect for hot summer days!

Babaton Andreas Pant $82.50

Wilfred Halley Pant $67.50
Wilfred Montagne Skirt $74.99

These bottom pieces are perfect fall/transition pieces. The colour of the brown pants with the tie waist... the black trousers and the cream skirt (loving that flare on it!) are great options for corporate employees.

Community Rasa Bra Top $14.99

Wilfred Free Shannan Bra Top $14.99
Wilfred Free Valeria Top $32

Can you ever really have enough crop tops?? Ladies and gents, the summer sale might be on but it doesn't mean summer's over (I mean, has it even started in Toronto?)

I'm planning to go back this weekend to pick up some other goodies! Do you guys have your eyes on anything specific? 

Thanks for coming to my blog :)

Summer Music Festival Essentials

 Hi my wonderful internet friends! As the summer gets hotter, the days longer, the layers get stripped off and the endless consumption of ice cream and iced coffee begins, that can only mean one thing- it's summer music festival season!

I love music festivals and have been going to at least one every summer for the past four years. As the years go by, more and more are popping up in and around Toronto; Digital Dreams (now called Dreams), Veld, Electric ElementsWayHome etc etc etc. personally, I've only been to Dreams (DD for the sake of this post) and Veld. After going a few times, I've learned a thing or two about essentials that you need to bring with you in order to enjoy yourself.

Don't we just love the weather and gray skies here?


You'll be in the sun all day long, dancing, sweating, eating, drinking, running from one tent to the other, finding your friends and sitting on the grass. Trust you me, you'll get burnt a lot faster than you think you will. Bring a tiny bottle of sunscreen to pop onto your nose/shoulders throughout the day to make sure that you don't become a fried egg. You can also buy the sunscreen sticks if you find that easier to apply (I've never tried them but they sound great and super user-friendly)

Reusable Water Bottle

Different festivals have different rules and regulations for water… Some places don't allow any bottles to be brought in, some places have free water etc etc. If you have the chance to bring a bottle then do it! I'm lucky enough that some of my friends have the camel back pack... it's a back pack that you fill up with water, and it has a tube that pops out by the shoulder so that you can drink the water quickly. Such a life saviour!

Chapstick, Hair Elastics & Tampons/Pads

It's one of those things that is so easy to forget, so make sure that you stash them in your bag. Even if you don't have your period, it's nice to be prepared when other women ask for some products; we've all been in that situation and it really is the worst. Because of all of the alcohol, greasy food, singing/talking and the sun, your lips will start to feel it asap, so make sure that you have an extra lip balm on hand. Because of the sun and sweat, you'll want to have the ability to put your hair up in a pineapple on your head. Don't worry, as the hours pass by everyones make up melts off and nowhere cares what you look like anymore!

Hand Sanitizer & Bandages

Things can get dirty really quickly, so it's nice to be able to feel a tad bit cleaner if you're in a gross situation. You can always buy some hand sanitizer wipes if the gel formula isn't your cup of tea. But trust you me, while you're eating food, these things are gonna save your life! With so much walking around and dancing, blisters might happen and if they do, you wanna be one prepared raver! Stash a few in your bag- it'll be so helpful if you need them!

Portable Phone Charger

This saved my life a few years back! #forevergrateful There are so many people within such a small vicinity that service can get bad really fast, the wifi keeps dropping in and out, you're trying to coordinate meeting with your friends but can't hear them over the music, pictures, shazamming a song that you like… your battery can go from 100 to zero real quick, so it's great to have something to back it up so that you don't have to worry about it. I have the Mophie charger which is a phone case that you put on your phone, so you don't have to deal with any cords or a separate charger from the phone.

Wrist Watch

It feels strange writing the words 'wrist watch' but in all honesty it is important to have. If you want to meet up with your friends, catch the next performer on the other side of the festival grounds, or figure out how long it's going to take to get through the crowd, a watch is much handier than a phone will ever be.

Festival Map and Phone App

You can pick up so many paper maps and you can download the app onto your phone. I highly recommend you doing both of these for a number of reasons. Firstly, it tells you where everything is physically located; washrooms, water, food stands, police and all of the music stages. It'll let you find the washrooms less used (always take the time to trek to those washrooms.... the other ones can be nastayyyyyy). If you have the app, you can select the artists that you want to see and you'll receive notifications on your phone 15 minutes before the artist goes on stage so that you have enough time to get there and squish yourself to the front of the stage. 

Check the Weather & Dress Appropriately

Boys and girls, make sure that you check the weather and wear appropriate clothing! Bring a sweater in your bag as it can get cold and rainy! Make sure you're wearing the proper footwear- no open toed shoes... this is not the time and place for your sandals, wear some running shoes that you don't mind getting dirty/stepped on.

What music festivals are you guys excited for, or which ones were your favourite that you've been too?

Thanks for stopping by!

Canada 150

For Canada's 150th Birthday (Happy Birthday you young beaut!) here are some of the places that are on my Canadian Travel bucket list. Canada is such a big country so there are so many different places and things to see- from different natural wonders, the two oceans, big cities and even Quebec to practice our Français that we all studied in high school (but subsequently forgot!)

Read below for places that are on my Canadian hit list!

That Red and White (and some other colours) ;)

East Coast Canada

So I'm going to be completely transparent here... there isn't a lot of talk about travelling to the East of Canada... usually people travel to the West or through Ontario and Quebec... but yet again, that's just what I'm used to hearing. I do have friends that have gone out East and have mentioned how nice and laid back everyone else. I've heard that the beaches in PEI are as nice as the ones in Mexico (and it takes a day to drive across the entire island), the bay of Fundy is beautiful, and that the fish and sea food is so fresh and cheap out east, so that's something that I would indulge in; I'm a huge fan of fish!

Mont Tremblant/Whistler/Banff

After about 10 years of not going skiing, this past winter I went twice and have absolutely fallen back in love with it. As such, I really want to go skiing a lot this winter (even though it's currently summer I think about skiing wayyy too often). None the less, I am planning on going to Tremblant this coming up winter (and using my Aeroplan points to get me there yeee). With so many world-class ski locations in Canada, I'm planning to hit up all of them at some point.

Quebec City and Montreal

Although I've been to Montreal twice (one time was for a 5 week French program), I never popped on over to Quebec City... as European of a city that you can get while in North America. You can flex your French muscles, try out all the poutine and duck and use the ability to buy liquor from a convenience store to your advantage. 

Even though I've been to Montreal twice, I would love to go back again. You can drive there, take a plane or a bus and there's tons to do and eat. I love how it's another big city but there's such a big difference between Montreal and Toronto. The last time I went was for New Years with my sister and it was cold AF. Us Torontonians are such babies when it comes to the weather... but in all seriousness, -10 in Montreal is nottttt the same as -10 in Toronto.

Below are some of the pictures that I took while I was there!

The Mont Royal lookout
During my walk up to the look out

Tommy Cafe.... situated in Old Montreal and it has the cutest cafe vibes...  this is the one that you see all over IG with the white interiors and the hanging leafy greens from the ceiling!
Walking through the Old Town of Montreal


I've heard great things about Calgary, a coworker of mine used to live there and she speaks super highly about it. It's the sunniest city in Canada, the Calgary stampede is there annually and they are very outdoorsy people. I feel like I have to mention the cold though... it gets cold af... but that's ok, that's why summer exists, right ;)


I'm kinda jealous of Vancouverites to be honest with you; the fact that you have the ocean there, the mountains, the city... But yet again if you thought that the housing market in Toronto was tough, at least it's not Vancouver.

None the less, I really want to visit- shame that it's so expensive for a flight to Vancouver... or really anywhere in Canada.

What cities have you visited or plan to visit? Is there another hidden gym that you'd recommend for me to add to my list?

Thanks for stopping by, hope you have a safe and fun Canada Day long weekend!

New In Beauty Haul

Hello beautiful people, welcome back to my blog!

I did a few beauty related posts and I found that I've had great success with them, so I figured that I would make this a regular installment on my blog; whenever I buy new products, I would showcase them together and let you know my thoughts about them.

I'm not a person who stays loyal to a brand or a specific product as there are so many options out on the market and with so many new releases, sales and brands being introduced, I find it hard to justify buying the same product over and over again; it has to really WOW me in order for me to repurchase it.

Read below to see what I bought!

Garnier Clean + Pore Purifying Clay Cleanser + Mask

I bought this face wash for a number of reasons, firstly, I got a facial at Elmwood Spa (my third one) and this was the first time that I had a conversation with the esthetician about my skin and beauty regime. I always thought that I had dry skin, but it turns out that my skin isn't dry, rather dehydrated. Because of my clogged pores, it turns out that I had combination skin with an oily T-Zone. None the less, I bought this face wash because it was made for oily/combination skin and WOW what a difference it's made. It makes my skin feel fresh after using it as a face wash and when I use it as a mask (literally just keep it on for 10 mins until it dries) I find that it really helps calm down my skin. Once rinsed off it feels refreshing, kinda like your mouth feels after you brush, floss and use mouthwash.

Although I mentioned that I'm not a person who stays loyal to a product/brand, this is a product that I would 100% rebuy. I've never used a cleanser that's given me results  like this one, usually I find that cleansers make my skin feel dry. At it's price point (about $7) and the fact that it's a 2-for-1…. Steal!

L'Oreal Sublime Soft Soothing Gel-Cream Wash

This product is made for dry/dehydrated skin (so I bought this before I bought my Garnier one) and honestly I find that it smells really soapy/detergent like, and it dries my skin out. I find the smell and the type of product surprising see as this one is said to be made without any additional fragrances or perfumes. I use this one randomly just so that I can use it up but I feel as if it strips my skin of it's moisture so I'm not a huge fan of it. I don't think that I've never not liked a face wash as much as this one. 

L'Oreal Hydra-Total 5 Toner

I recently just started using toner regularly in my routine so I'm not sure if I can really comment on how good/bad this one is as it's only the second one that I've ever used (the first one being the Pixi Glow Tonic).  I will say that it does help to hydrate my skin, and my pores aren’t as clogged up since I started using it, but yet again it could be a combination of things as I've changed up a few aspects of my skin care routine.

The next toner that's on my list to buy would be the Deciem toner- it's said to be a stronger (and much cheaper!) variation of the Pixi Glow Tonic which I'm excited to try out!

A few days ago I was watching Chriselle Lim on Youtube and she recommended that instead of putting toner on a cotton pad and rubbing your face with it, to put the toner directly on your hands and press it into your skin... much like an essence. I've starting doing that and I do think that I prefer this method. Have do you put your toner on; cotton pad or directly on your skin? 

The Ordinary Squalene Serum

I've heard so many great things about Deciem/The Ordinary, so when I saw their Queen St. store, I just had to pop in. I knew that they had good prices but DAMN GIRL-  the serum only cost me $9!! The serum is 100% plant derived squalene... nothing else, literally just squalene in the bottle. What's squalene you ask? Honestly I didn't really know much about it either, but it's a Korean beauty product that's really good for hydration and occurs naturally in our skin. What I do know is that this product works really well, the price is right and the packaging is cute af. 

 I would love to go back to The Ordinary to see their other options for serums. At first I was debating between this one and the rosehip oil option, but the (very nice) rep at the store said that if you use serum every morning and night, the squalene option sinks in to your skin faster. 

I'm very happy with this purchase, and am glad that it's so cheap because I'm using it up so quickly!

Maybelline Fit Me Concealer in Fair

I ran out of my usual concealer (Bare Minerals) and was planning to buy the Nars concealer ( I wasn't sure if I wanted the creamy concealer or the new pot concealer) but I knew that Maybelline's concealer was a drugstore dupe. I found it on sale for about $6, grabbed the lightest one and was sold right away. I love how easy this is to apply, how it looks on my skin and how cheap it was. 

It's great for quick touch ups on the go and I find that the product doesn't look super cakey. It's medium coverage and you can easily build it up on your skin for more coverage.

The concealer has a black stripe on the tub and that rubs of SO easily (you can see it in the photo!). I literally touched it and had the black smear off onto my skin. FYI because I accidentally got some on my chin and walked around like that for a bit before realizing.

Essie Topless and BareFoot Nailpolish

My sister asked me what the best nailpolish colours were and I told her that one of Essie's most popular ones is this pinky/nude colour. Low and behold- the next day it was on sale at Shoppers. Coincidence? Fate? You decide.

Such a classic colour, easy to apply, not streaky and works on so many skin colours.

Crest 3DWhite Brilliance Toothpaste

Ok so this is a bit random as it's toothpaste, but I love Crest Whitestrips! They make such a huge difference in the whiteness of your teeth and it really is a big confidence boost. You think that your teeth are fine until you try them out and then you realize how yellow they were!

None the less, I saw the toothpaste at No Frills for 50% off, so I decided to give it a go. You wash with the first toothpaste for a minute, and then you add on the whitening gel and continue washing for another minute. 

I can't say whether or not the toothpaste alone has made a big difference in the whiteness of my teeth, but I can say that I'm always pleasantly shocked with how clean my teeth feel once I do the two steps. 

Not sure 100% if I would re buy this, doing the two steps can be annoying, but once you do it you realize how amazing your teeth feel.

This is where I spent my money these past few weeks- what are your thoughts, do you have any of these products or have you thought about buying them?

Thanks for reading! :)