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How to Become a Morning Person

Hello my friends, how are you guys all doing? If you know me, you know that I worked at a bakery throughout highschool and university and as such, had to deal with some early mornings. Starting work at 6 am while I was still a highschooler/university student was nottt a fun time. None the less, they've taught me how to get up early and I am now officially a morning person. Some people don't get it, but if you know, then you know... ya know?

Waking up early is amazing and I do believe that it's such a beneficial thing to learn and it's such an amazing feeling to finish a bunch of stuff on your to do list before other people have even had their first sip of coffee.

With that being said, being a morning person isn't for everyone, but if you're able to do it than I highly recommend it.

Keep reading below for how to become a morning person!

Don't Press Snooze

I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news and I know that you guys have heard this before, but it's true that you shouldn't press snooze, it makes it so much harder to wake up. Once that alarm rings, force yourself to open your eyes and get your day started. You don't have to hop out of bed, but at least start opening your eyes, stretching, turning on the lights etc... I know that people say that starting your day off on social media is wrong, but that's the first thing that I do because it allows for me to open my eyes while I'm still cuddling in bed but don't feel sleepy because I'm on my phone.

Find Something to be Excited About

Don't wake up early just for the sake of the waking up early. Do it because there's something that excites you, an amazing breakfast, a youtube video that you want to watch, or even something as simple as having some time to yourself. Personally, I enjoy going to the gym so I wouldn't mind going to a pilates or barre class before work because it's the most amazing feeling when you're done 8 hours at work and you finished your workout already. Girlll it's the best.

Enjoy your Breakfast

Take the time to actually enjoy your breakfast. I love breakfast and eat it every day, I find it strange that there are some people who don't eat breakfast in the morning, how do they focus, doesn't their stomach growl, don't they get hangry? Anyways, by waking up early you'd be able to make a breakfast that you like, and then enjoy eating it with some coffee/tea before the day hits you like a ton of bricks.

Prepare the Night Before

There's something called decision fatigue which I completely agree with, so do you best to plan the night before things like what you want to eat, wear,  makeup etc. I find that it makes the morning 30x easier than if you were to decide everything in the morning, when you're cold, hungry, tired and without any coffee. With that being said, figure out your outfit and put it on your desk so that you don't even have to think about what to wear. Decide your hair and makeup so it's less time wasted after you wake up.

Turn on the Lights and Open up the Blinds

If you guys live in Canada or any northern country, waking up early when it's dark and coldddd makes things a tad bit harder. Open up your blinds so that you can let in some (any) light and turn up your lights. Sure it's uncomfortable at first, but I never said that it's easy.
*shrugs shoulders*

What do you guys think, what are some of your tips that you have to share about how to become a morning person and how to wake up early. Let me know in the comments below!

xx Diana

How to Start a Lifestyle Blog

Hi everyone, welcome back to my blog! Today's topic is how to start a lifestyle blog, I feel like a lot of people always think about the idea of starting but never actually take the leap of faith to doing it. I can't blame them seeing as there's a lot to do when you start, and it can easily be overwhelming. For example, when I started with my blog I first started off with an instagram for a few months to try to grow my follower base before actually creating my blog.

Keep reading below for how you can start a lifestyle blog!

How to start a lifestyle blog

First things first, what's your blog name? When you start blogging this is the first thing that you need and I find that it can be heard and frustrating to find a name that suits you and your blog. I find that this was a big reason that I delayed getting started because you want something that's not taken (obvi) but is short and sweet but suits you without being too boring, ya know? I actually started off with dajadaily (daja.. pronounced die-ya is my nick name at home) but I knew that the name thing would confuse people and I didn't like the 'daily' part of it because I knew that I wouldn't be posting daily. So I took that name on insta to start before I narrowed down my ideas to thedianaedition (after having thedianaedit but then realizing that it was far too similar to theannaedit so I changed it up)

I like the idea of having a blog name that includes your own name in it, so that people know it's me right off the bat. Having a name like 'financebaby' 'blondiewithabooty' or 'brunette4lyfe' don't tell me who you are. If you're still stuck, a great idea is to make a chart about what words you like or think represent you and then combine them together (this tip was from Lauryn Evarts of The Skinny Confidential- one of the women who inspired me to actually start blogging).

Now you need to decide who's going to host your website. I use blogger, which is ok for the time being however I feel like I should have done more research before jumping into it. Another factor that reallyyy slowed down actually publishing my blog was the template, before I realized that you could buy precreated templates- GENIUS. Mine only cost me about $12 off of etsy and it came with a very detailed template so that I knew all of the steps to install it onto my blogger profile.

You don't have to buy your domain name, however I highly recommend it so that you don't have a blog that ends with, although it will cost a bit, I think it's well worth it.

Social Media
Count them up, pinterest, instagram, twitter etc. In the beginning I found it overwhelming to do everything so I started with instagram and then moved onto twitter and now pinterest. Something that I would recommend is to put more emphasis on pinterest because it is a fantastic gold mine for audience's to find out about you (this is a tip that I need to focus on!)

I also found that my readership greww when I was commenting on other people's blogs with real comments and then leaving my link below. Don't write "GREAT, check out my blog" because that's annoying and we know what you're trying to do. Leave genuine comments and you'll get people following your link and coming back to your blog.

This is the part that I struggle with the most, taking pictures that I like, editing them and making sure that they're good quality. I find that it's one of the reasons that I'm not super consistent with posting on my blog, because I don't have pictures to add in. However, this is where stock photos come into play. Once you find good stock photos that fit your aesthetic, it's no longer a problem- there are SO many options out there, you just need to search for them and find ones that fit your aesthetic and your blog's look. 

Now it's time to start creating blog posts, figure out what you want to write about; beauty, finance, gaming, motherhood, you name it, you can do it all (or only some). One suggestion that I would have is to hone in on one topic, I try to focus on beauty and lifestyle but mine's kind of a hodge podge of things, which I think is a downfall of mine. None the less, it's true that consistency is key. If you're writing stuff and you know and feel that it's not amazing, keep going. You'll get better by doing it more and more, quantity will give you quality, just don't stop and push through the awkward phase of it.

Remember middle school and highschool? Awkward af. Aren't we glad that we went through that, hell yes!

And there we have it, some tips that I have on how to start a lifestyle blog. The hardest part is starting, once you're there that's already half the battle, now you have your own section of the internet that's yours. You can choose how to use it and what direction to take it in.

Let me know your thoughts about starting your blog and some common problems that you've had with it before. If this post peaked your interest, than check out this similar post about starting a blog and common blogger problems.

xx Diana

How to get Spring Break Ready FAST

Hi everyone, welcome back to my blog! In the spirit of March/reading week/spring break, I decided to put together a quick 'to-do' list so that you can get spring break ready realll quick.

Whether you're going to Florida, Mexico or just your backyard (assuming the weather is sunny), stripping down your clothes makes you realize that you've been neglecting your body... how it looks and feels might be more on the pillsbury doughboy side, and not a VS model. If that's the case (which it totally is), then keep reading about how to get spring break ready.

So Christmas came around, and then New Years, and then Valentine's Day, andddd you still don't have that bikini body from your New Year's goal and your time is limited. You won't be able to make massive changes, but do what you can. To start; watch what you eat so that you're not bloated, decrease your salt intact and increase that water #stayhydratedfam
Increase your veggies and take out anything that might cause inflammation... gluten, processed sugar, alcohol- this is personal to each person but it's important to know what might react badly to your body.. especially when you only have a short period of time before you're gonna be on the beach.

Looking a little pasty? Don't worry, me too fam. Self tanner is your friend, either doing a gradual tan that you put on every night, fast acting self tanner at home, or having it done professionally, there are a number of ways for you to get that glow depending on time and money. Before you get into self tanner, you have to exfoliate and moisturize that skin like no tomorrow so that you're soft and glowing- you don't want to be an iguana.

For body you can use any type of physical exfoliator, even make your own sugar scrub, but for your face make sure that you're going a bit more gentle. My personal preference is The Body Shop's Vitamin C liquid peel which is an OG for me, I've repurchased it a few times and will continue to buy it because it's so effective and yet so gentle. I also use it on my bikini line and the soles of my feet so that I can get an extra exfoliation that's super easy and quick.

Make sure to also get your nails did, and get shellac/gel in the case that you're worried about chipped nails. I find that sunscreen makes my nail polish wear down realll quick so gel might be the ideal in this case, even though I'm not a fan of it because I find that it ruins my nails.

Time to dig out those bathing suits, sandals and shorts from last year. Are they worn? Too big? Too small? No longer trendy? You might have to do some quick shopping to be prepared for you trip. Make sure to get versatile pieces, especially if you're like me and like to travel with only a carry on so you don't have to check anything in. I'd recommend shopping online, just make sure that you have enough time for shipping (and any potential delay) and that you double check reviews and sizing.

If you're looking for good cheap bikinis, zaful has a lot but be warned... cheap is the emphasis here.

And there we have it, some of my tips and tricks for those of you don't have a lot of time to get spring break ready.

International Woman's Day

Today marks International Women's Day, something that's always widely celebrated in Europe, but has started to gain more popularity in the last few years across North America and the world. As a young millennial feminist, I love what this day represents and the importance that it has for women, young and old.

Nothing says International Women's Day quite like flowers.. right?
*not my photo*
For today's blog post I decided to shout out some of my favourite bloggers, youtubers and instagrammers that I find give me inspiration, make me laugh, and are all around cool gals.

A Scottish beauty guru who is hilarious and does amazing looks and she has the BEST weekly vlogs- so funny and such high quality. Every Sunday I look forward to watching her videos because they’re edited so wonderfully. Hands down my favourite!

One of the funniest youtubers that I love who doesn't take life too seriously and makes me laugh when I watch her videos. Based out of Vancouver with her adorable cat Meryl, she does a lot of beauty videos but also puts out vlogs and fashion content as well.

Also a vancouverite (who I found out about via Jamie) and is so sassy and down to earth, I really trust her recommendations and she went to school to become a makeup artist and can get very technical with her information.

Beauty guru based out of Montreal who uploads consistently and has AMAZING content. As someone who's still in school, she's able to put out amazing original content and she collabs with Allana sometimes and it's pure gold #JAMALANA

Brighton based Anna (who just renovated her bathroom and it looks incredible) seems like the most down to earth person ever who has beauty, lifestyle and fashion content. 

A lifestyle YouTuber based out of London who works frequently with Anna and wrote a book that's being launched today! The book, titled 'The F Word' looks at female friendships, how they change, evolve and are an important part of our lives. She purposely chose to have the book launch today (genius) because of the correlation between her book topic and the date.

The majority of the women collabed with each other at some point which is so amazing because I found out about them because of the collabs.

Do you guys have any favourite content creaters/influencers/youtubers/grammers etc etc etc that you recommend? Let me know in the thoughts below and I hope you all have an incredible March 8th 

Xx Diana

Refinding Motivation for your New Years Resolutions

Hello everyone, welcome back to my blog! Today we're going to be talking about New Years Resolutions... in March. Yup, you heard right. Once Christmas finishes everyone jumps onto New Years Resolutions which isn't a bad thing and it's hard not to get excited for it and talk about it when everyone else around you is planning their resolutions. 

*Not my photo*

In the case that your motivation is starting to dwindle down and your pinterest board is getting pushed to the back of your mind until Jan 1st 2019 comes back around, here are some ways for you to jump back on the horse so that you can reach your goals. 

Revisit your Original Resolutions
Did you write it down somewhere or just make a mental note of it? Do you remember all of them or just a few? Think back to why you decided to choose them and whether or not they were actual goals that you had or rather goals that are so common that it was easy to gravitate towards them... loosing weight, drinking more water, saving money, getting organized etc... Now that you've had a few months to 'work on your goals', hone in on what goals you actually want to work towards. Even if it's just one goal- that's one goal that you can work towards.

Write it Out
Writing it out comes in many different shapes and forms, it could be writing it out on post it notes and putting it by your mirror and doors or in front of your computer, writing it out in your desk calendar, in your phone, in your bullet journal etc. For myself, I found the most helpful thing is to have a bullet journal with a monthly calendar in it so that I can tick off how often I do one of my goals (in this case workout and post a blog post). I can tell you 100% that I'm much more consistent with working out as a direct result of this. Another way that I keep myself accountable is by using my moleskine agenda that I carry with me everywhereeeee- there I can write down my day to day stuff whereas my long term goals and planning are all in my bullet journal.

Divide it into Small Measurable Goals
If your goal is like mine and you want to get a peach booty with a tiny waist, you can't go to the gym twice and then expect to look like Alexis Ren. You have to go consistently to the gym, multiple times a week for a number of weeks/months before you have her body. Looking at the amount of time and effort that needs to be put into this goal makes it so easy for you to not work on it, but don't be like that. Instead, what can you do today to be one step closer to your goal? Good things don't come easy so you can either work for it or have excuses, take your pick.

Find Ways to Hold Yourself Accountable 
Does this mean that you're going to buy yourself new running shoes if you work out at least 3x a week for a month? Once you finally get that job promotion will you go on that fancy European vacation? Find something that works for you so that you can use it to motivate yourself. Thankfully I find that I can motivate myself but that's not the case for everyone. The best advice that I found was that if you're going to buy/treat yourself for hitting a goal, make sure that the 'treat' will help for you to continue working on your original goal. For example, if your goal is to cook more, buy yourself new cookware so that you can continue to cookware, even after your original goal has been completed.

Do It
One of my pet peeves is those people who talk about change and want change,,, and then don't do anything. You know that friend who wants to loose weight and then still eats McDonalds, doesn't work out and drinks every weekend? The person who wants to save money and somehow justifies every expenditure? Every article of clothing, mani/pedi, sephora haul, breakfast lunch, and dinner. Those people annoy me. It's quite simple, as my baby boy said, your actions speak louder than words. I can give you all the tips and tricks possible, but it's up to you to actually do the work.

You can either have excuses or results

What recommendations do you guys have for revisiting your resolutions?

Thanks for stopping by!

xx Diana

What I'm Loving Right Now | Skincare, Lifestyle, Fitness


Hi cheekies, welcome back to my blog! Today I'm doing a 'what I'm loving rn' post and I have a youtube video for it as well. I've gotten back into the swing of YouTube so if you haven't checked it out already, feel free to grab a look down below!

Class Pass
Class Pass is a great idea if you haven't heard about it already. Instead of paying for individual studios (especially ones that you've never been to!) class pass allows for you to buy monthly credits and then use those credits at individual studios. It ends up being cheaper than going to individual studios, however given the price, you don't necessarily have all classes available to you, there are only 1-3 spots available per class and there's a maximum number of times that you can go to a studio in a given month. None the less, it's a great way to get some workouts in and to try out different studios and classes.
Studio Lagree
I hate the fact that I've fallen in love with pilates at Studio Lagree, it's honestly so incredible. A 50 minute workout that you feeelll the next morning, and given the bodies that these women have, it's clearly a great workout. It uses the megaformer machine which you have to use s l o w l y and pulse it out and hold and then pulse it out again. It won't make you the sweatiest but you can bet that it makes your muscles shiver and quake and that you feel the burn both during the class and afterwards as well.
muchelleb on YouTube
Muchelleb does a lot of videos about productivity, getting your shit together, following your goals etc etc and I have to credit her videos for getting me re-inspired for my blog and YT. She gives great advise and uploads frequently and yet she always has new, creative and fresh content.
I found out about Muchelle via Lavendaire on Youtube who does a lot of lifestyle posts as well and is so soft spoken, I would love to be friends with her! Give these lovely ladies a follow because they have great content that'll help you really get your shit together (and who doesn't need that?)
Into Thin Air - Jon Krakauer

Known as one of the best adventure books and for good reason! I'm 70 130 pages in already and it's very interesting so far as Jon goes into detail about what it's like to climb, and although you might think that it's boring it's interesting to hear about the relationships 

Saje Liquid Sunshine Diffuser Oil
Liquid sunshine is such a great name for it, because this smells like clementines and is a really uplifting scent. I have a diffuser at home but didn't use it too much because the lavender oil that I had smelt very strange and unnatural to me. I bought this on a whim and now haven't even turned off my diffuser (except to refill it with water). You do need a fair number of drops to actually smell it in your room, and as the water amount is decreasing within your diffuser, you won't smell it as much. So at $20 a pop it is a bit pricier, however I really enjoy it, and it's well worth it because now I actually use my diffuser (my skin loves it!)
Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer
My sister used to work at Sephora and I remember her getting this for free (those were the days!) and I remember having this one and liking it, but way before I was actually into makeup and understood how good this actually was. Now that I finished my Maybelline BB cream, I decided to go for this one, being drawn to the fact that it's a cult favourite with good coverage and dat glowwww doe. Can confirm, that it’s a fantastic product and it looks fantastic on my skin. This is now a part of my daily makeup routine and I love the smell of it as well. They also have a few variations of it, some with SPF, some that are oil free and another one that's even more illuminated, however I got the original variation (I wear SPF30 + on the daily so we're good fam!)
OPI Mimosas for Mr and Mrs
This is a new nail polish that I picked up from winners (bless Winners) that's a nice light pink. In my YT video I said that it's called "Mimosas for Me" which I think is a much more suitable name lol. It's a nice light pink with a buildable coverage so it makes me look a lot more put together than I actually am when I have my nails this colour.
Bella Glasses from BonLook
Somehow I didn't post this in my YouTube video and I don't know how because I love these! I mentioned them in my zero to hero video/post because I really do feel more put together and chic when I have them on. They're super comfortable and I love the pink tortoise style.
Let me know in the comments what you guys think about my new picks and anything else that you've been loving this month!
xx Diana

How to go from Zero to Hero, Real Quick

Hi everyone, hope you're all keep fine and dandy. Today we'll be talking about ways to look 100 when you don't feel that same way. For hungover days, lazy days or days when you just dgaf- this is for you ladies. Seeing as I work in the corporate world, I have to put at least some effort in even when I don't feel like it so I like to think that I've learned a thing or two about how to look way more presentable than you actually are. I also created a youtube video, so feel free to check that out down below and hit that subscribe button!

Slick your Hair Back
Sometimes, not even dry shampoo can save you- we've all been there! If this is the case, or if you don't have time to brush your hair (raises hand)- throw your hair into a sleek low ponytail or bun, slick back the baby hairs and you're golden- no one will know.

Wear Lipstick
Literally the quickest swipe of lipstick will make you seem proper and put together. This is my go to trick when I'm not wearing any makeup at all... adding in lipstick makes it seem as if I meant to not wear makeup and am going for the whole cool girl French vibes when really I was too lazy or didn't have enough time. My go to would be a darker colour like a red or a pink instead of something more neutral.

Wear Statement Earrings
When your hair is slicked away from your face, it's nice to also add in dangly/statement earrings to add some life to your outfit. I love the trend of the 'curtain' earrings, however any sort of hoop or dangly ones work just fine as well.

Wear Glasses (If you have them)
Recently I purchased these beautiful bonlook glasses to use while I'm on the computer, and I find that they make me seem a hell of a lot more put together and chicer than I actually am. For no makeup days at work, this is perfect because it magnifies my eyes even though I'm looking like a frump.

Tuck your Shirt into your Jeans
Seeing as I work in a corporate environment where I'm thankfully able to wear jeans on a daily basis, I always make sure that my shirt is tucked into my jeans so that I seem profesh (and not like a slob lol). Literally takes two seconds but makes such a difference!

Wear Heels
The click clack of your heels makes you look and feel so much more powerful, and people will think that you're fancy schmancy (even if you're sitting at your desk for 97% of the day)

What are some quick ideas that you guys so that you can go from zero to hero realll quick?

Thanks for stopping by,

xx Diana